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to make a change.

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This is me

I'm an exposure seeking designer. It intrigues me how behaviour can change by looking for boundaries and challenges. How the mind can develop by expanding our bubbel and grow through the experiences we already have.


I'm always ready to pick people's brains and learn about their experience to see the how and the why. To challenge them to push through what they know and learn about everything outside their bubble.

I truly believe that when we grow, learn and explore. Change will come. For the better.

Ready to make a change.

Workshops  Boundary seeker 
Social Design  Behaviour

 New initiatives   Positive mindset

 Illustration    Creative Initiatives 

Exposure Designer

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I love working with and for social movements.

I've started my own movement in Breda of 'shared bookshelves'. I've been putting shelves in places where a lot of people go, which means they can all participate. They can take a book (for free) or share a book in the bookshelves, it's all about trusting in the movement and of course each other. It's starting to get more and more places and a lot of people respond really well to the shared bookshelves.

Check out:

I've organized a donation art sale in the past, with a lot of good vibes and amazing people. We collected a lot of money for #TourforLife.

I give workshops about how to use technologie in a fun way and what kind of impact social media can have. I also organize social design sessions to get to a deeper meaning of a question that a company wants answered. I create a sessions with a lot of different methods, but always together with the target group. It creates very helpfull outcomes for new projects for the company. 


Want to read more about these projects?

Projects &


I've grown a lot the past couple of years, especially through my study, my own company and travel. I've taken on a couple of projects that I'm very excited about.

I have studied CMD (communication multimedia design) which gives me opportunities to work on amazing projects with amazing people because of the connections I made with other designers and teachers.

Would you like to collaborate?

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