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During my second year of CMD I tried to do as many projects as possible because I wanted to get the most experiences as possible. I've known about Amnesty for quite a while before I started these projects with them and I think their work is very necessary. There are so many people who are in ridiculous situations and need their help. Our help.

The projects were a writing marathon and dialogue sessions. The dialogues were about discrimination and racism, safety and human rights and immigrant and refugees. The writing marathon was to write letters to people who were in jail or in other difficult situations because, for example, their gender or sexual preferences. You could write a letter to them or to an establishment that could help them in their own country.

Writing marathon

This marathon was my first project with Amnesty International, I heard about it through school and I got together with two other students.

We decided to direct our focus on students and friends of them. We contacted every social media aspect that Avans had and took advantage of their reach within the 'student community'. I also made a poster for the event, which you can see on the right side of this page.

The Marathon itself went well and a lot of people wrote letters, but we also got talking with people about Amnesty and their projects. A lot of people don't know about amnesty and this way we got to introduce them.

Dialogue sessions

Because I worked on the writing marathon, I was contacted about a new project with Amnesty International; Dialogue sessions. Three of them. Discrimination and racism, safety and human rights and immigrant and refugees. All aspect people know hardly any facts about, but have many thoughts and opinions about. Which made it really interesting. I worked with two other guys, one of them I knew from my study and the other one was studying international bussiness.

With two volunteers of Amnesty International, we organized the dialogue sessions.

It went really well, people were really open and I think that was because of the open vibe. The groups were between 7 and 15 people, it varied. Which made each session so different. It all worked out and it was a really good experience.

I would love to work with amnesty again in the future.

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