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How can students be helped in making their choice of study, so that they get to know better themselves and not only meet the knowledge criteria?

A choice of study is a crucial point in our lives, at least this is what we are told. We are also guided through it, but whether we really see it that way at the age of 15/16, that is often the question. I can tell you that I was a student that was doing everything school told me to do, but I didn't feel the pressure to get to know myself better, really I just felt the pressure to make the choice. Now my story has worked out very well, but as we know there are several roads to Rome. Perhaps I could have chosen a MBO that was much more in line with what I am studying now. I'll never know, but I can help today's students get a little closer to themselves while making this choice. 

“How well do we know me? Own your bullshit!” is a game that not only 'exposes', but also encourages the students and their environment to take action. What steps have you taken to help you with your study choice? What do you feel strongly about? What do you think is important? The student is central to the game and the environment is on the other side to hold up a mirror or get one in return.. “That's bullshit. I know you, that's not true." If the soon-to-be student lies too often and they realize it, the student is challenged to do something about it. Go to that open day, have that conversation with a family member or arrange that conversation with a teacher yourself. But it can also just as well be the environment that is completely wrong and then the trick is for the soon-to-be student to explain themselves as well as possible and in which the environment will get to know the student better. 

A wise man once told me: “You are at school for yourself, make use of the teachers. Care a little less and take care of yourself.” We are so young when making this choice and that puts us in a vulnerable position. Who am I? What do I like? What would I like to be when I grow up, is a question that suddenly comes very close. Now you really have to choose. The strength therefore lies with the student. We all have to arrange our own shit, this game helps the student in an accessible way to step out of their comfort zone and actually experience it by doing things.
You can't teach man anything, you can only help them discover it for themselves. - Galileo Galilei

My research has shown that there is a need for conversations, but it is very difficult for the initiative to come from the soon-to-be student. The most important thing is that there is understanding and that people really listen. By asking and being honest. In this game, the student has the choice to lie or tell the truth to give the game a little more dynamics and see if the environment notices. The student can play with this and that makes it less difficult when the bullshit button is pressed. Nevertheless, the student still has to tell whether it was the truth or not and if not, what the truth was. This aspect gives the game depth because it makes people curious when they have something wrong. "Ah, I really didn't know that about you." Getting to know each other better is important, especially for the soon-to-be student, because playing the game not only requires an open attitude, but it also makes them consciously think about what the student really thinks and wants.

The assignment aspect is a double aspect, you have to do an assignment with a complete (3-part 3D printed) poo. This means that one of the players has received 3 points, which they can get in different ways. The assignments are fully geared to what is important in a choice of study. Having conversations, stepping out of the comfort zone and going to open days etc. It's a dynamic game because it involves the student every time, whoever collected the entire poo. It creates a bond because a lot of collaboration can take place and the student does not necessarily have to do everything alone. After the student has played this game, that person not only knows better themself but also the other players. Especially what they see and think with regard to the study choice of the student. Assignments will have been made, from which further steps will be taken. Together or not, nice things will come to the student. Perhaps a new vision or confirmation that the soon-to-be student really feels good about a certain side for the choice of study. Whatever outcomes come into play, steps are being taken. And those steps are crucial when choosing a study. Discuss, see and experience. Above all, discover yourself.

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