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I give social design workshops for companies to find the deeper layer and find out what helps or attracts their target group. We work together with the target group through themes and methodologies. Being physically active together is a must, it is not a presentation where you can only listen or be interviewed and chat. You write, draw, paste, cut and everything comes together on the inspiration wall. I have already been able to supervise a few great sessions at GlowUp, NNR and Rotterdamse helden.

I also give crazy science workshops at secondary schools in which I show that it does not have to be difficult to test and apply technology. To be creative with things you already have at home. So far I have built robots, the egg challenge and rockets with the students. For Dazzledays, I create a new workshop every year because many of the students return for their summer program. For Youthquake I have the same workshops every year because the year 1 students participate every year and these are mostly different people every year. I link a social theme to each workshop, for example a good cause. This way students have to do research and put it into their project in a creative way.

I am still growing a lot with my own company, but my motivation is to see young people grow. In their being, their perspective and certainly in their creativity. Together with Gooddiggers I will offer a package in the field of social design, to bring everything together. Marketing, social media and social design. More information about this will follow soon!

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